Policies and Procedures

Welcome to Unwind Massage Therapy.Do you have questions regarding our services or Massage Therapy?  For your convenience we have outlined some of our Policies, Procedures and FAQ. 

If you have any other questions in regards to the treatments offered at Unwind Massage Therapy please contact us by phone and we will be happy help you however we can.

Cancellation Policy

We understand that sometimes there are extenuating circumstances and you may be unable to get to your scheduled appointment. Please remember that your appointment time has been reserved for you.In courtesy of fellow patients and your therapist, we ask that you provide 24 hour notice of a cancellation, or a cancellation fee will be charged.

A cancellation fee of $45.00 will be charged if less than 24 hours notice is given. The full price will be charged if NO notice is given.

Extended Health Care Plans, ICBC, and MSP cannot be charged for missed appointments and you will be responsible for the fees if you are No Show.

Arriving for Appointments

On your first visit at Unwind Massage Therapy, you will find we attempt to maximize your time spent with us, in the clinic. We recommend arriving 5 – 10 min. early prior to your first visit. You will be welcomed by our staff & guided through obtaining the necessary details relevant to your treatment, including the health history & informed consent forms.

Your first visit will include discussion of your health history. This is necessary to ensure safe & effective treatment. With your consent, your therapist will perform an assessment and treatment based on the assessment findings.

Arriving Late

Appointment times have been arranged specifically for you. If you arrive late your session may be shortened in order to accommodate others whose appointments follow yours. Depending upon how late you arrive, your therapist will then determine if there is enough time remaining to start a treatment. Regardless of the length of the treatment actually given, you will be responsible for the “full” session.

Do I need to fill out a health history form?

Yes. Prior to receiving your first massage therapy treatment, it is necessary and a requirement to fill out a health history form.  This is needed to ensure we can treat you safely and effectively. Information about previous injuries and your medical history, as well as any medications or treatments you are currently receiving, are critical, along with details of your current symptoms or ailments. Your health history information is updated annually (once a year), so please be prepared to review and update the information we have on file.

Do I need a doctor’s referral?

No, you do not need a doctor’s referral to receive massage therapy. However, some benefits (extended medical insurance) plans require a referral for coverage. Please check with your benefits provider to see if you need to obtain a doctor’s referral before beginning your massage therapy, to have it covered by your extended health or other plan or insurance coverage.

What to Expect

Once all paperwork has been completed, your therapist will greet you & take you to your treatment room. There you will discuss your goals & expectations. From this discussion we work with you to develop an individualized treatment plan that satisfies your needs.

What to expect for your first massage therapy treatment

Prior to starting the massage, your massage therapist will review your health history form and discuss in detail with you information related to your complaint or injury.
Depending on the nature of your injury or issue, your massage therapist may wish (with your consent) to do further evaluation or assessment to identify what is causing the problem and how we can best treat the issue. We work together to create a massage therapy treatment plan that best fits your personal goals and expectations, tailored to your individual body needs.

During the massage, we will ensure you are comfortable with the treatment at all times. You can request to try particular treatments (as listed in this site), or your massage therapist may suggest what they feel is best suited to your particular case, goals and body needs. If you are uncomfortable with the treatment, it can be stopped or modified at any time.

After the treatment, your massage therapist will usually suggest therapeutic exercises, stretches, or postural correction techniques so you can continue to feel better and improve your body health.

Self Care

It is important that clients exercise self care and inform us of any special needs or issues they may have. If at any time during a massage therapy session you are experiencing excessive discomfort or difficulty, inform us immediately.

We recommend that after each massage therapy session you drink a minimum of 8 – 16 ounces of water to flush your system of toxins that naturally dislodge during the massage therapy process.

Will I feel sore after my massage?

Most people report feeling very relaxed and often experience significant relief from aches, pains and stress after a massage session. However some people, especially those who require deep-tissue massage, experience mild muscle soreness, which may last a day or two. Once the soreness is gone, they often notice heightened energy levels and an increased range of motion.

How often will I need treatment?

Your body will often let you know. Some people require only a few sessions to treat a specific issue, while others become regular users of massage therapy or being both proactive and preventative in their healthcare. Massage therapy helps maintain muscle tone, increases flexibility and helps correct muscular injuries before they become overwhelming issues.

Payment Options

We accept cash, credit, e-transfer and cheque. We cannot process debit at this time.

Fee Schedule:

Am I expected to tip my massage therapist?

No, we consider a massage therapy treatment to be a health care service and we do not expect, nor encourage, tipping.

Length of Appointments

The most common massage therapy appointments are 30 – 90 minutes in length. In some cases we are able to accommodate 120 minute sessions. Please inform us of the length of session you desire when you call (778-476-5797) for an appointment.


At Unwind Massage Therapy, we appreciate that our customer information must be protected and kept private. We will never share, sell or compromise your personal information and history with anyone. If you would like us to speak to another health professional we require an Authorization Form be filled and submitted granting us permission to speak about you to someone else.